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Leasing Opportunities

Permanent Leasing

Whether you are a national or a local tenant, we have a 1+ year permanent leasing opportunities for your business. Our seasoned leasing professional team will partner with you to discuss the smartest business opportunities for your growing brand and create a successful financial foundation.  And once we initiate the process, we remain committed to you as Partner. For additional information, contact our leasing team or fill out the form below and start the leasing process:

Local Licensing Opportunity | Special Events

Showcase your unique products or start up in a prime center location without long term commitment or large investment. Ranging from a few days, pops ups, to 12 months, we will create a Licensing flexibility to meet your business goals – from RMU’s, Kiosks, carts to temporary inline spaces.

Contact your local Specialty Licensing Contact:


Advertising Opportunities

Southbridge Mall is an ideal place to reach local consumers. With a huge annual center traffic, consumer impressions are the leading benefits of advertising with Southbridge Mall in Mason City, IA. Another key attribute is the ability to communicate with shoppers who make day to day purchasing decisions. We offer opportunities to cross promote products and advertise your business, including: Product Sampling, Sales Promotion, Community Partnerships, Special Events, FreeStanding Displays, customized Marketing Features and Elements, Shopping Center market events and MORE. Start advertising with us!

Contact the Main Office for more details.


Leasing Application

Please allow at least 5 business days for response. We will contact you after we have reviewed your application. No rates will be given prior to receiving this completed application or business plan. This application is part of our ongoing preliminary review and does not create rights or obligations for or against either party. Rather this application is non-binding and constitutes neither a lease nor a promise or commitment to make a lease. To be enforceable by or against a party, a lease agreement between parties must be written and signed by both parties. The Landlord reserves the right to withdraw and reject any offer to enter into a lease agreement. Thank you.

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